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Versatile Line Array System And Subwoofers At BNRCA Church

In the heart of America, the Bhutanese Nepalese Revival Churches of America (BNRCA) recently hosted a worship event that was nothing short of spiritual and sonic enlightenment. The church chose ZSOUND's top and star line array sound systems, LA110 and LA110S, to ensure every note of their service reverberated through the hearts of the congregation.

The Best Combination for Performances: Whether deployed in hanging, stacking, or supporting pole mode, the LA110 and LA110S proved to be the perfect audio companions for the church's performances.

LA110: Compact Power in a Lightweight Package

  • Features: A compact bi-amp speaker system with a high-sensitivity neodymium driver, offering maximum headroom and adjustable coverage for a powerful sound experience.
  • Technical Highlights: A frequency response of 60 Hz to 18 kHz (±3 dB), sensitivity of 112 dB (2 kHz-16 kHz) for HF and 103 dB (500 Hz-2 kHz) for LF, and a maximum SPL of 137 dB for HF and 134 dB for LF.

LA110S: The Subwoofer with Superior Sound Clarity

  • Features: Equipped with high-transient response woofers with 75mm voice coils, the LA110S delivers superior sound clarity and impact in a small volume design.
  • Technical Highlights: A frequency response of 40 Hz to 200 Hz (±3 dB), omnidirectional coverage, and a maximum SPL of 136 dB (peak), ensuring uniform sound distribution and impressive sound pressure levels.

The Impact on BNRCA: The combination of the LA110 and LA110S systems provided a high-quality and immersive sound effect that excited the church members and contributed to the spiritual atmosphere of the worship service.

Physical Specifications:

  • LA110: With dimensions of 308×580×390 mm and a weight of 22.5 kg, it's designed for easy transportation and setup in various venues.
  • LA110S: Larger with dimensions of 680×580×796 mm and a weight of 60 kg, it's a robust subwoofer that delivers deep, resonant bass.

Conclusion: The LA110 and LA110S sound systems by ZSOUND have become an integral part of BNRCA's worship services, delivering a powerful and clear sound that enhances the spiritual experience.