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Line Array speaker Deliver Unmatched Audio Clarity for Indoor Venues

Enhance Indoor Audio Experience with LA210 Line Array and LA18S Subwoofers

In the heart of Switzerland, a recent event showcased the exceptional capabilities of our sound systems, leaving both the organizers and attendees thoroughly impressed. Our LA210 dual 10" line array and LA18S single 18" subwoofers proved to be the perfect audio solution for an indoor performance, reaching impressive distances with unmatched clarity.
A Symphony of Sound:
Our Swiss client, upon receiving 6 units of the LA210 and 4 units of the LA18S, wasted no time in deploying them for an indoor performance the very next day. The immediate satisfaction of the client and the audience is a testament to the superior audio quality delivered by our systems.
Powerful Reach:
The LA210, with its small enclosure and high SPL (Sound Pressure Level), coupled with the deep, resonant bass of the LA18S, ensured that every corner of the venue, up to 30 meters from the stage, was enveloped in rich, full-range sound. This makes our system ideal for banquet halls, conference halls, multi-function halls, and concerts.
Technical Marvels:
LA210 Line Array: With a frequency response of 50 Hz-16 kHz (±3 dB) and a maximum SPL peak of 138 dB for the high-frequency section, the LA210 delivers clear and powerful sound. Its presettable angle on the ground and adjustable angle with manual hoister in the air make it versatile for various venue layouts.
LA18S Subwoofer: Designed to complement the LA210, the LA18S boasts a frequency response of 32 Hz-180 Hz (±3 dB) and a sensitivity of 99 dB SPL, ensuring that the bass is felt as well as heard.
Versatile Applications:
Whether it's a living performance, a theatrical show, or a church service, our sound systems are built to adapt and excel. The LA210 and LA18S, with their omnidirectional coverage and high power rating, are the backbone of any successful audio setup.
Physical Specifications:
LA210: Weighing 35 kg, with dimensions of 303.4×730×464.5mm, the LA210 is robust yet portable.
LA18S: At 42 kg and dimensions of 530×730×600mm, the LA18S is a powerful addition to any audio setup.
Connectivity and Materials:
Both systems feature 2x NL4 connectors for easy integration and are crafted from high-quality materials such as 18mm and 24mm birch multi-plywood, ensuring durability and reliability.
The success of our Swiss client's event is a shining example of what can be achieved with our LA210 and LA18S sound systems. For venues seeking to elevate their audio experience, look no further. Contact us today to learn more about how our sound systems can transform your events.