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Line Array Audio Transform Outdoor Stage in Swiss Alps

The majestic Swiss Alps provided the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable outdoor stage experience. Our LA212 line array and SS2 subwoofers were entrusted with the task of amplifying live music, and they did not disappoint, resonating with the natural beauty of the surroundings.

The Harmony of Nature and Technology: As the sun set over the Alps, the LA212 and SS2 sound systems took center stage, delivering a performance that was as breathtaking as the scenery. With the clarity of the line array system and the deep, resonant bass of the subwoofer, every note was felt as much as it was heard.

Technical Specifications that Enhance the Experience:

  • LA212 Line Array: This large-scale, tri-amp, three-way system offers a frequency response of 50 Hz to 16 kHz (±3 dB), ensuring every musical detail is crisp and clear. Its sensitivity of 113 dB SPL for the high-frequency section, 105 dB SPL for the mid-frequency, and 100 dB SPL for the low-frequency section, combined with a maximum SPL of 141 dB peak for HF, 136 dB peak for MF, and 135 dB peak for LF, creates an immersive audio experience.
  • SS2 Subwoofer: With a 1200W (AES) LF driver, the SS2 provides a rich, low-frequency response from 28 Hz to 180 Hz (±3 dB), extending down to 23 Hz (-10 dB). Its omnidirectional coverage and 101 dB SPL sensitivity ensure that the bass resonates throughout the entire venue.

Versatile and Powerful: Designed for touring performances, stadiums, and theatres, the LA212 and SS2 are not just limited to the grandeur of the Swiss Alps. Their robust construction and high power rating make them suitable for a wide range of outdoor and indoor venues.

Physical Specifications:

  • LA212: Weighing 63 kg with dimensions of 367×1000×550 mm, it's crafted from 18mm and 24mm Baltic birch plywood and finished in black polyurea paint for durability and style.
  • SS2: With a weight of 90 kg and dimensions of 575 × 1240 × 680 mm, the SS2 is built to deliver powerful bass, featuring 25mm and 30mm Baltic birch plywood construction.

Conclusion: The LA212 and SS2 sound systems are not just equipment; they are the heartbeat of live music, bringing it to life in the most stunning of settings. Whether it's the Swiss Alps or any other venue, our systems ensure that every performance is an auditory masterpiece.