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Dual 14'' Line Array Speaker and Dual 18'' Subwoofers System at Rwanda Campaign

VCX Line Arrays and SW218 Subwoofers Ignite Nyarugenge

The early morning hours in Nyarugenge, Rwanda, were filled with an air of anticipation as thousands of RPF supporters and local residents gathered for a momentous campaign event. The atmosphere was charged with infectious rhythms and passionate sound, courtesy of ZSOUND's audio systems.

The VCX: Dual 14-inch Line Array Power The ZSOUND VCX line array speakers, with their dual 14-inch neodymium drivers, provided a large-scale, three-way sound system that ensured every corner of the venue was filled with rich, resonant audio. With 48 units deployed, the VCX offered a frequency response of 55 Hz to 16 kHz (±3 dB) and a maximum SPL peak of 141 dB, immersing the audience in a sonic spectacle.

Technical Specifications of VCX:

  • Frequency Response: 55 Hz ~ 16 kHz (±3 dB) / 45 Hz ~ 19 kHz (-10 dB)
  • Nominal Coverage: 80° (H) adjustable
  • Power Rating (AES): HF/MF/LF(L)/LF(R): 240W/600W/500W/500W
  • Nominal Impedance: HF/MF/LF(L)/LF(R): 24/16/12/12 ohms

The SW218: Dual 18-inch Subwoofer Impact Supporting the VCX, the ZSOUND SW218 subwoofers, with their dual 18-inch neodymium woofers, delivered ultra-low frequency sound with a frequency response down to 30 Hz (±3 dB). With 48 units in operation, the SW218 provided a maximum SPL peak of 138 dB, ensuring the audience felt the depth of every beat.

Technical Specifications of SW218:

  • Frequency Response: 30 Hz ~ 200 Hz (± 3 dB) / 25 Hz ~ 250 Hz (-10 dB)
  • Nominal Coverage: Omnidirectional
  • Power Rating (AES): 3000W
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms

Physical and Design Excellence: Both systems were crafted with birch multi-plywood and finished in black polyurea paint, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance. The VCX, weighing 77 kg, and the SW218, at 82 kg, were designed for large-scale events with multiple ergonomic handles and advanced rigging systems.

Conclusion: The ZSOUND VCX line array speakers and SW218 subwoofers proved to be the heartbeat of the campaign event in Rwanda, providing supporters with an audio experience that resonated with their hopes and dreams. The powerful sound system created an atmosphere of unity and excitement, showcasing ZSOUND's commitment to delivering high-quality audio solutions.