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Dual 10-inch line array system for outdoor performances in Indonesia.

Elevating Live Performances with Concert Line Array Speakers

The impact of a live performance is inextricably linked to the quality of its sound system. For an outdoor concert in Indonesia, the choice of audio equipment was pivotal, dictating the audience's aural experience. The LA210 Concert Line Array Speakers from ZSOUND excelled, offering a symphony of sound that is both powerful and nuanced, making it the ultimate solution for professional concert speakers and concert speaker systems of all sizes.

Professional Concert Speakers for Outdoor Events

As part of our outdoor concert speaker system, the LA210 is designed to meet the demands of professional audio reinforcement. Engineered with dual 10-inch low-frequency drivers and a 3-inch high-frequency driver, the LA210 provides a 100° nominal horizontal coverage, ensuring that every note reaches the farthest corners of the venue with clarity and power.

Sound System for Live Performance Perfection

The LA210 is not just an outdoor concert speaker system; it's a sound system for live performance excellence. With a maximum SPL of 138 dB for the high-frequency section and 131 dB for the low-frequency section, it delivers a balanced audio output that captures the full spectrum of sound, making it ideal for a variety of musical performances.

Indonesian Concert: A Testament to Excellence

Our recent deployment of the LA210 for an outdoor concert in Indonesia was a showcase of excellence. The concert featured a mix of local and international artists who relied on the LA210 to deliver clear and resonant sound, offering a testament to the capabilities of our concert line array speakers.

Why ZSOUND LA210 is the Choice for Concert Speaker Systems

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Professional concert speakers that offer unmatched value.
  • Coverage and SPL: The outdoor concert speaker system's 100° coverage and impressive SPL ensure wide-reaching, intense sound.
  • Dual Driver Design: The combination of dual 10-inch drivers and a 3-inch driver results in a rich, full-bodied sound that resonates with audiences.


The ZSOUND LA210's performance at the Indonesian outdoor concert is a testament to its standing as a leading choice for concert line array speakers and sound systems for live performance. It's ready to deliver the clarity and power needed to elevate any event.


ZSOUND is dedicated to providing innovative professional audio solutions that enhance the live event experience. Our range of concert speaker systems, including the LA210, is designed to empower events around the world with sound that captivates and inspires.

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