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Compact Sound Systems: Delivering Optimal Sound for Intimate Live Performances

A Special Thank You to Our Distributor

We offer our heartfelt thanks to "ONAX Technology CO.," our esteemed distributor, for their unwavering support and commitment to excellence in delivering concert line array speakers and professional audio solutions in South Korea.

Stars of the Audio Setup: Enhancing Live Performances

LC8: The Compact Powerhouse of Concert Line Array Speakers

  • Description: As a key component of our professional concert speakers lineup, the LC8 is a passive coaxial single 8" line array speaker, offering 100° horizontal coverage for concert speaker systems.

  • Specifications:

    • Low Frequency (LF): 1 x 8" woofer for deep tones
    • High Frequency (HF): 1 x 1.75" driver for clear highs
    • Power Handling: Versatile for various sound system needs
    • Maximum SPL: 134dB, ensuring your sound system for live performance is heard clearly
    • Dimensions and Weight: Compact and easy to deploy in various venues
  • Ideal Applications: Perfect for enhancing touring performances, theaters, multi-function halls, and churches with a reliable outdoor concert speaker system.

PO-SUBK: The Heart of Bass for Concert Speaker Systems

  • Description: This active single 18" subwoofer is the foundation of our concert line array speakers' low-frequency impact, designed to deliver deep, resonant bass for outdoor concert speaker systems.

  • Specifications:

    • Low Frequency (LF): 1 x 18" woofer with a 75mm voice coil for powerful bass
    • Maximum SPL: 134dB peak, providing the intensity needed for large-scale live performances
    • Power Rating (AES): 1500W/8ohm, showcasing the strength of our professional concert speakers
  • Ideal Applications: Designed for conference systems, medium-scale performances, and complementing our outdoor concert speaker systems with powerful bass.

Together, Crafting Unforgettable Audio Moments

The LC8 and PO-SUBK, part of ZSOUND's dedication to providing the highest quality concert line array speakers and sound systems for live performance, are brought to life by the expertise of ONAX Technology CO. These audio components are not just equipment; they are the craftsmen of unforgettable audio experiences in the live music scene.


With the combination of LC8 and PO-SUBK, ZSOUND, in collaboration with our distributor ONAX Technology CO., continues to set the standard for concert speaker systems, professional concert speakers, and outdoor concert speaker systems. These systems are engineered to deliver exceptional sound for live performances, creating lasting impressions on every audience.